Шиншилла: сколько стоит, где купить, как выбрать

Many people are tormented by the question: which animal to choose for the house. Some prefer cats, others are more prone to rabbits, but today they are becoming more and more popular — chinchillas. Chinchillas are unpretentious in care, but they need to be as attentive as possible. If you want a chinchilla to be close to you in terms of communication — playing with you, trusting you and loving you, then you need to teach her from your very childhood to your attention. It is necessary more often to take a chinchilla on hands, to iron it. If, from an early age, chinchillas are not accustomed to physical contact, they subsequently do not get well in contact.

Boy or girl

If you want to have a girl, then know that the girl chooses only one owner and does not contact anyone else. Boys are more sociable, and many breeders believe that it is better to take the boy, because they are more playful, more amenable to training, they interact more with the person. Girls are more fearful. They hide more often, avoid communication, because they recognize one owner. Girls are especially afraid of strangers, and if someone comes to visit you, chinchilla girls try to hide as quickly as possible.

Difficult choice

If you do not know whom to choose — a rabbit, a cat or a chinchilla, then still it is better to buy a chinchilla. Today, these animals are bred — everywhere. Chinchillas do not smell at all. The fact that they have no smell is due to the fact that the skin of this animal does not emit any enzymes, and even chinchilla sweats with its ears, since chinchillas do not have sweaty glands on the skin surface. The ears of these cute animals are equipped with a wide network of capillaries, and act as a kind of «radiator» that dissipates heat quite effectively.

Chinchillas are very cute and very kind, never bite. If you treat chinchilla well, then it will quickly fall in love with you. Chinchilla can lick your hand, sit on your hands. If you have taught her from childhood to physical contact, then she will constantly play with you, bringing with her playfulness to all members of the household a lot of positive emotions.

Chinchilla care

What is primarily needed for a chinchilla is a large cage. What is this cell for? Chinchilla is an animal that constantly jumps and constantly must be in motion. If they do not move, then this is of course bad, as for any other mobile creature. Hypodynamia causes the animal to gain weight, which can cause different physical deviations. Chinchillas need to constantly and move a lot. If you, for example, cannot walk around the apartment or house with enough, then the chinchilla should have enough space in the cage where they could jump and frolic enough.

What to feed a chinchilla

Many people ask: what kind of filler is needed for chinchillas. Everything is simple here! For chinchillas used fillers, which are used for cats. Instead of filler, you can also use conventional sawdust. Chinchillas need sand, as sand is used by these animals as a hygienic substance. Chinchillas love to swim in the sand, thereby getting rid of all sorts of parasites, and thus putting their fur in order. Chinchillas literally “dive” into the sand, jump in it and turn over, and for them this is a very important and fascinating procedure.

It is very important to know that bathing chinchillas in water is strictly prohibited. Water washes away the protective layer from the skin of the animal, which significantly reduces its immunity and resistance to disease. The chinchilla contains itself in complete purity, and for this it needs only ordinary sand.

Chinchilla food

Chinchillas are unpretentious in food, and you can feed them with food for chinchillas, which can be bought at any pet store. Feed consumption is 2-3 tablespoons per day — depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. Also, feed consumption may depend on how active your chinchilla leads. It happens that one spoon of food adult chinchillaenough for the whole day. Sometimes the animal itself asks for supplements, why not give it. But the main thing — do not overfeed. You can dry the apples for a treat. Chinchillas love dried apples. You can also give dried apricots and other dried fruits.


Chinchilla is a very mobile animal, and therefore it is constantly necessary to walk with it. It is advisable to walk it every day. If you are walking a chinchilla at home, it is advisable to remove all things. For walking it is better to choose the largest room, where there is a minimum of items. We must not forget that the chinchilla is a rodent, and therefore when walking can try something «to the tooth.» Chinchillas are better to walk in a room where there are no distracting objects, and especially — wires.

Chinchillas do not tolerate intrusive physical communication, like, say, a cat. That is, chinchillas can not constantly touch and stroke, take on hand. This animal if frightened, then for a long time can become secretive and fearful. Chinchillas remember very well the unpleasant moments, and who delivered those moments to them. If you want to have a more tame animal, then it is better to take a cat. A cat is an animal that is designed to be constantly petted. A chinchilla requires more careful and delicate handling of itself, and if she trusts you and she likes everything, then this is reflected in her behavior and vigor. When a chinchilla is joyful and active, it is a pleasure to watch her.

How much is a chinchilla

The cost of these cute animals varies in a very wide range. Some lucky ones may be lucky to get a chinchilla for 500-1000 rubles, but it also happens that for these animals they are asked for several hundred thousand rubles. This wide price range is explained by the fact that chinchillas have a lot of species and breeds, and each breed has your value.

The cost of a chinchilla also depends on its age and physical condition. In most Russian pet stores, the price tag for chinchillas starts from one and a half thousand rubles, but the maximum cost of this animal directly depends on the status of the pet store, and on the above signs. The cost of small chinchillasvaries in the range — from 3 to 5 thousand rubles, but some individuals that have a complex color can cost as much as 20,000 rubles each.


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